A business insurance policy can cover a wide range of items. It is our priority to help protect your business and your hard-earned assets by providing you with a coverage that is tailored to meet your specific needs. By representing many insurance companies, we will be able to find the right company and product for you. Contact Billmark’s Lake Area Insurance for any of the following types of business insurance protection.

Business Policy

Property – General Liability – Equipment Floater – Employment Practices Liability

Owning a business can be extremely risky. That’s where business insurance comes into play. It can help protect your business. Business Policy is made up of several different lines of insurance and can be customized to your business needs.

Property Insurance – Property coverage can cover the building your business is located in as well as the items that make up your office.


General Liability Insurance – Owning and operating a business creates potential liability for any number of reasons. A business can be sued not only for something it does but also for things it doesn’t do. Legal defense can be costly, and settlements or judgments can be even more so. General liability insurance is usually the first line of defense for entities subject to litigation.


Equipment Floater – Equipment Floater will cover the tools you and your employees use, big or small, to get the job done.


Employment Practices Liability – Employment Practices Liability Insurance – (EPLI) covers companies against lawsuits or claims filed by employees, former employees and employment candidates. The insurance coverage protects the company, its directors, officers and other employees. A company can use this type of insurance to cover expenses associated with employee rights violations, such as alleged acts of discrimination and wrongful termination.


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Business Owners Policy

Shop owners, contractors, restaurant owners, home businesses and every type of small business you can think of needs business insurance. Many, such as dry cleaners, need specialized policies. This type of policy packages your property and general liability into one.

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Business Auto

Much like your personal auto insurance, the coverages are the same for Business Auto with Auto Liability, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive, and Collision. Business Auto Insurance covers the vehicles used in your daily operations.

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Umbrella Liability Insurance is an added coat of protection. Umbrella coverage will go over all your policies adding another limit of coverage for life’s catastrophes.

In the “sue-and sue big” world we live in, all of us are vulnerable to involvement in situations where we could be found liable. Just by living, operating a motor vehicle/recreational vehicles, we could become the targets of legal action and face potentially huge judgments in addition to high legal defense cost.

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Professional Liability

Many professions require specialized insurance coverages such as Town Home Associations, Barbers/Hair Stylists. To find out if Professional Liability coverage is right for you, talk to our agents today.

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License & Permit – Bid/Performance – Motor Vehicle Dealer – ERISA

Unlike an insurance policy, a bond is a financial guarantee that you will uphold your end of an agreement. In general the bond does not protect the person taking out the bond, it protects the person/organization who the bond is for. Just to name a few:

License & Permit Bonds are required on a state, city, or county level to ensure you will do the work you are stating you will do.

Bid Bond is required when you put a bid on a project as a way of saying yes you can financially handle the bid you are putting in on a project.

Performance Bond is required as a financial guarantee that if you were to walk away in the middle of a job, this money can be accessed from the bonding company to cover costs to complete the job.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is required to ensure the state title tax is paid on all vehicles sold.

ERISA Bond protects a company’s pension plan.

Billmark’s offers a wide range of bonds and can help you decide what type of bond you need.

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