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Below is a list of toll-free phone numbers for several of our companies. If we are not available, you may be able to contact the company directly. You can start your claims process immediately, at any time, day or night. Once your claim is reported, never hesitate to call our agency if you have questions!

If you need to file a claim directly with the Company:

Have your policy information in front of you. This includes the name of the company you have coverage with and the policy number. This information can be found on your ID card as well as the declarations (front) page of your insurance policy.
Be prepared to supply the date of the loss and a brief explanation of what happened.
Some companies may request a digital photo of the damaged property. Our Agency is more than happy to provide that service for you.
You may receive a call back from the insurance company’s claim department in order to answer further questions.

Coverage is not binding until you receive a confirmation call from our agency. If you do not hear from us within one business day of your request, please call us at 320-763-9022 or toll-free at 888-763-9022.

What to do after a Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Call an ambulance for anyone seriously injured.
  • Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons in the other vehicle.
  • Obtain the make, model, color, license plate number, and state of registration of the other vehicle(s).
  • Obtain the other parties’ Insurance Company name, policy number, agent and phone number.
  • Do Not Admit Responsibility, nor sign any statement except for the Company Claim Representative.
  • Do Not Disclose Your Policy Limits To Anyone.
  • List the date, time, place of accident, responding police department, and if any tickets were issued and to whom.
  • Obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses.
  • Report the claim immediate to your agent or by calling our 24-hour claim service.

What to do after a Property Loss

  • Take appropriate steps to protect the property from further damage
  • Report the loss to your agent or by calling our 24-hour claims service
  • Report any burglary or theft to the policy
  • Save all receipts for any temporary repairs that you make.

What to do after a Liability Loss

  • Do Not Admit Responsibility, nor sign any statement except for the Company Claim Representative
  • Do Not Disclose Your Policy Limits To Anyone
  • List the date, time and place of accident
  • Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses
  • Report the claim immediately to your agent or by calling our 24-hour claims service.

Carriers Contact Information

Carrier General Claim Auto Glass Claim
Allstate 800-386-6162 800-626-4527
Austin Mutual 888-321-9392 800-368-3648
Berkshire Hathaway 800-661-6029
Cincinnati 877-242-2544 877-588-4527
Condon Skelly 800-257-9496
Dariyland 800-334-0090
Elmdale Call our Agency
Encompass 800-588-7400
Foremost 800-527-3907
Grinnell Mutual 800-362-2041 877-467-2252
Holmes City Fax: 320-762-5264
Hagerty 800-922-4050
Integrity 800-445-3030 800-951-9734
JC Taylor 800-272-6764
Metlife 800-854-6011
Northstar Fax Auto: 507-423-6005 Fax Property: 507-423-6004 888-266-7847
Progressive 800-274-4499 800-287-5078
RAM 800-727-1315 866-600-4726
Safeco 800-332-3226 800-862-6777
Secura 800-318-2136 800-828-7047
State Auto 800-766-1853 888-504-4527
Western Mutual Call our Agency
White Bear Lake Call our Agency
Wilson Mutual Call our Agency


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