Along with our commitment to protecting your Home/Auto/Business we also provide long range planning. For example many of us have life insurance now but, did you know that life insurance can be used for wealth transfer. In regards to Long Term Care, 1 of every 3 people will spend some time in a nursing home. Our guaranteed annuities will allow your retirement nest egg to have steady growth with no risk.

When we sit down with you to develop your personal long term plans/goals we use Life, Long Term Care (LTC) & Annuities. Every person’s needs and goals are unique and we take the time to work with you on your own customized plan. Billmark’s Lake Area Insurance provides the following types of personal insurance protection.

Life Insurance

Whole Life – Term Life

Life insurance provides a valuable death benefit to your beneficiaries upon your death. Your beneficiaries can then use this money to replace some of the income you would have earned or to help pay off debts or other expenses.

A Whole Life policy covers you the full extent of your life, whereas Term Life insurance covers you for a specific period of time. A majority of Term Life policies do have the option to convert it to a Whole Life policy.

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Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability – Short Term Disability

Disability Insurance pays an insured person an income when that person is unable to work because of an accident or illness.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care is essentially an insurance product that will help to offset the monthly cost of “Senior” care, which includes Home Health and Assisted Living, as well as Nursing Homes.

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Much like a Certificate of Deposit (CD), an annuity is a money yielding insurance product that guarantees a specific rate for a specific amount of time. Unlike a CD, most annuities are for a period of 5 or more years and rates are generally higher than those offered in a CD.

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