Health insurance is coverage for your medical needs. Doctors, medication, and medicals test can add very fast. Make sure you have a safety net for you health. Billmark’s Lake Area Insurance Inc. provides the following types of personal insurance protection:

Individual/Family · Senior Products · Dental/Vision · Group Health

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Health insurance - Billmark'sIndividual/Family Insurance

Short Term Medical – Major Medical – Health Savings Account

Short Term Medical plans provide you with coverage for a limited period of time. These plans are generally used for when in-between jobs or waiting for another health insurance to start.

Major Medical plans are plans where you must first meet your deductible requirements before the carrier will pay for covered expenses. These run the calendar year.

First Dollar Plan is a type of a Major Medical plan. First Dollar Care have Co-pays for office visits, prescriptions, urgent care, etc.

Health Savings Account is an account that is created for those who are covered under high-deductible plans. This is used as a way to save for medical expenses that are not covered under their Major Medical Plan. Contributions are made into the account and are limited to a maximum for each calendar year.

The rising cost of medical care and the resulting pressure on health insurance premiums make health insurance top priority, if you want to have your health expenses covered at a reasonable cost.

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Senior Products

Supplemental Plans – Advantage Plans – Prescription Drug Plans

Senior Products are similar to Individual Health plans, however they are designed for people ages 65 or over. Each plan is unique to each person and their individual needs. We are more than happy to sit down with you to help you find the best protect for your health needs.

Supplemental Plan in general is a plan that cannot non-renew or expire as long as the premiums are paid. These are generally governed by the State.

Medicare Advantage Plans work along with or in place of your existing Medicare benefits. They generally offer the lowest premiums available. You have the option to include Rx coverage along with your Advantage plan. These plans are governed on a federal level.

Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) or Medicare part D are used to alleviate the cost of prescription drugs. This is also a federally governed program. There are currently over 30 options available for residents of Douglas County.

Wondering about additional information about Medicare? Click Here

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Dental/Vision Insurance

Dental insurance – Now you can take charge of your oral health by adding a dental plan to complement your health insurance. It’s a smart move, especially as a growing body of evidence links oral health to overall health.

Vision insurance is generally a supplemental insurance to other types of medical insurance policies. Vision insurance will help offset the costs of routine checkups as well as help pay for vision correction wear that may be prescribed by the attending physician.

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Group Health

Large Group – Small Group – Group Dental – Group Life – Group Disability

An insurance plan that provides healthcare coverage to a select group of people. Group health insurance plans are one of the major benefits offered by many employers. These plans are generally uniform in nature, offering the same benefits to all employees or members of the group.

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